About us

Usaginingen is an audio-visual performance duo. Their instruments are all handmade by Usaginingen members. Their unique style of performance quickly gained a strong reputation. In 2014, they won the Live Cinema competition at Reykjavik Visual-Music Festival in Iceland. Usaginingen has been invited to perform in 62 cities, across 23 countries such as Canada, Germany, UK, France, Russia, China,,, (~November 2019). They have performed live at a variety of international festivals for music, art and film, as well as at educational institutions to help inspire young creators. After six years of living in Berlin, they are now based in Teshima island, Japan and opened their own theatre.


b.1980, Yokohama, Japan. After graduating from Joshi Art University, Emi had a successful career in Tokyo as both art director as well and graphic designer. She pushed her creativity further when she moved to Berlin, Germany in 2010, then became a visual artist. Emi is back in Japan where she lives and works on Teshima island.


b.1977, Kagawa, Japan. Shinichi worked as a radiography technician after graduating from Kitasato University. His career as a musician started while living in Brighton, England. He became a member of Usaginingen after moving to Berlin, Germany in 2010. Now back in Kagawa,Shinichi lives and works on Teshima island.

Teshima usaginingen Theater (Teshima usaginingen Theater , Kgawa, Japan)
One Dream 2018(Hiroshima peace memoril park, Hiraoshima, Japan)
Yanbaru art festival2018-2019(大宜味村旧塩屋小学校, Okinawa, Japan)

Teshima usaginingen Theater (Teshima usaginingen Theater, Kagawa, Japan)
OMOSIROI Award 3rd(Granfront Osaka, Osaka, Japan)
尾道乱反射(蔵, Hiraoshima, Japan)
Live Cinema Show(香川県善通寺第一高校, Kagawa, Japan)
Live Cinema Show(Yokohama Azamino Museum, Kanagawa, Japan)
Live Cinema Show(Naoshima-shimakoya, Kagawa, Japan)

Teshima Usaginingen Teather (Teshima Usaginingen Theater, Teshima, Japan)
Live in Kitahama Umie (Umie, Kagawa, Japan)
Live Cinema Show (Chiba city museum, Chiba, Japan)
Inshadow Festival 2016 (Museu de oriente, Lisbon, Portugal)
Live Cinema Show (Stone theater, Taitung, Taiwan)
Performing Arts Selection (Aichi Arts Center, Aichi, Japan)
JUCO. 10th Anniversary (Tokyo, Japan)
Made in Japan 2016 (Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania)
Live Cinema Show (MMK, Frankfurt, Germany)
Fantoche Film Festival (Royal Baden, Baden, Switzerland)
Hidehiko Kuramoto Closing party (Sakaide city museum, Kagawa, Japan)
Live Cinema Show (Kinco., KAgawa, Japan)
Michiakari project (Kamaboko factory, Kagawa, Japan)
Michishirube project (Fukushima car parking, Kagawa, Japan)
Hei Tanaka presents (Vio, Aichi, Japan)
Tokai tour 2016 (Kawanoie, Gifu, Japan)
Barents Spektakel 2016 (Nikel Art School, Nikel, Russia)
Barents Spektakel 2016 (SnowHotel and Andresgrotta, Kirkenes, Norway)

Tokai tour 2015 (Shikema Garelly, Aichi, Japan)
Tokai tour 2015 (STENPORT, Gifu, Japan)
NEoN Media Art Festival 2015 (Bonar Hall, Dundee, Scotland)
Antimatter Media Art (Gallery Deluge, Victoria BC, Canada)
Live Cinema (Cinema Nova, Brussels, Belgium)
BAM 2 Festival (Manège FONCK, Liège, Belgium)
Digital Big Screen 2015 (DDT, Trbovlje, Slovenia)
Rokko Meets Art 2015 (Rokko Musical box Museum, Kobe, Japan)
Kyushu tour 2015 (Fukushima nursery school, Kumamoto, Japan)
Kyushu tour 2015 (Hitoyoshi Mori no Hall, Kumamoto, Japan)
Kyushu tour 2015 (TAGSTA, Fukuoka, Japan)
Kyushu tour 2015 (Hita Liberte, Oita, Japan)
Kyushu tour 2015 (Kyusan University, Fukuoka, Japan)
JDZB Open House 2015 (Japanese -German Center, Berlin, Germnay)
15th Japanese Film Festival (Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Theater project “Anonymous Trip” (E-Werk, Freiburg, Germany)
LE HUBLOT 2015 (16 r ue de Roquebillière, Nice, France)
Flatpack Film Festival (Millennium Point, Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Live Cinema 2nd night (MKll, London, United Kingdom)
Live Cinema 1st night (I’klectik, London, United Kingdom)

Audio-Visual concert (Neue Heimat, Berlin, Germany)
Christmas Concert (KONK, Berlin, Germany)
Shiny Toys A/V Festival#5 (Ringlokschuppen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany)
30th interfilm Festival Berlin (Grüner Salon, Berlin, Germany)
Kasseler Dokfest#31 (Kassel, Germany) OFNI Festival (Poitiers, France)
30th interfilm Festival Berlin (Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany)
ラビ&ピースTour (Roba house, Tokyo, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Roppongi Shinsekai, Tokyo, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Harajuku Vacant, Tokyo, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Abecut, Yamagata, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Kuahouse Goten, Yamagata, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Ishinha Yataimura, Osaka, Japan)
roBot Festival 07 (Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy)
Digital Big Screen (Trbovlje, Slovenia)
Vision’R Festival (Cite des Science et de L’Industrie, Paris, France)
ラビ&ピースTour (YCC, Yokohama, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Awakura Kaikan, Okayama, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Guggenheim, Kobe, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Takamatsu Umie, Kagawa, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Ciema, Saga, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (TAGSTA, Fukuoka, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Hitoyoshi Mori Hall, Kumamoto, Japan)
Fusion Festival 2014 (Lärz, Germany)
Kein Festival 2014 – Facade Projection only (ORWO haus, Berlin Germany)
Reykjavik Visiual Music Punto y Raya Festival 2014 (HARPA, Reykjavik, Iceland)
KONTAKT#2 (Alena Berlin, Berlin, Germany)

Berliner Adventsmarkt mt kind (HIMBEER, Berlin, Germany)
YAMANAMI Art Festival 2013 (Sanuki Mannou Park, Kagawa, Japan)
Osaka Music Festival 2013 (Osaka Castle Music Hall, Osaka, Japan)
usaginingen 2013 mini tour in Japan (Umie, Kagawa, Japan)
usaginingen 2013 mini tour in Japan (TAGSTA, Fukuoka, Japan)
“Day forest is lost” Takuya Kamiike solo exhibiton opening party (Shionoe museum of art, Kagawa, Japan)
“Ichinomiya accross arts” (Ichinomiya, Kagawa, Japan)
“littlepopup at HIMBEER magazine” (HIMBEER, Berlin, Germany)
DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2013 (Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany)
Moving Silence Athens 2013 supported by Goethe-Institut (Goethe-Institut hall, Athen, Greece)
The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge (Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany)
Live cinema by usaginingen (feinkost, Leipzig, Germany)

night cruising presents “Masayoshi Fujita Japan Tour 2012 in KYOTO” (Oil, Kyoto, Japan)
usaginingen 2012 Tokyo 2days (Aquvii, Tokyo, Japan) usaginingen 2012 Tokyo 2days (Gallery-ARATANIURANO, Tokyo, Japan)
usaginingen 2012 mini tour in Japan (NOUKA, Yamagata, Japan)
usaginingen 2012 mini tour in Japan (Abecut, Yamagata, Japan)
flau x HUTU presents: FOUNDLAND (VACANT, Tokyo, Japan)
Camera Japan Festival 2012 (LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Brucke presents Masayoshi Fujita + usaginingen (Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin, Germany)
Nacht der Kunst 2012 (Open air, Leipzig, Germany)
Live Cinema night by Pierre Hebert+usaginingen (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany)
Taste Festival Berlin 2012 (Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Germany)
Masayoshi Fujita + usaginingen (Theater Kapelle, Berlin, Germany)
The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge (Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany)
Johannes Marx + usaginingen (Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany)

Sub-tle. + usaginingen (Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany)
Johannes Marx + usaginingen (Modulor, Berlin, Germany)
The first story (Garelie 4AM, Brno, Czech Republic)
間 (Japanese Embassy, Berlin, Germany)

Yanbaru Art Festival 2018-2019(旧塩屋小学校、Okinawa、Japan)

2015 08.Nov-12.Nov キルケネス, ノルウェー


Inshadow Festival 2016 (Museu de oriente, Lisbon, Portugal) mt tape (Ittousha, Wakayama, Japan)


LE HUBLOT 2015 (16 r ue de Roquebillière, Nice, France)
Flatpack Film Festival (Millennium Point, Birmingham, United Kingdom)


ラビ&ピースTour (Ohori Elementary School, Yamagata, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Akakura Elementary School, Yamagata, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Mamurogawa Elementary School, Yamagata, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Takamatsu Industrial Arts High School, Kagawa, Japan)
ラビ&ピースTour (Hakemiya Nursery School, Kumamoto, Japan)
Easter Workshop for Kids feat.littlepopup (Popup store, Berlin, Germany)


Making movie, Setouchi triennale 2013 (Awashima, Kagawa, Japan)
Performance and discussion (Oita Hita-shi East Junior high school, Oita, Japan)


Performance and discussion (Braunschweig University of Art, Braunschweig, Germany)
Report of Tohoku (Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan)
Performance and discussion (Yamagata Mogami Ohori elementary school, Yamagata, Japan)
Performance and discussion (Yamagata Mogami Akahori elementary school, Yamagata, Japan)


FunFunFun from the album “SPENCER” by Spencer on surPoemas underFilm (La Térmica, Malaga, Spain)


UDON from the album “JAPANDORF” by Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF on JAPAN DAY 2013 “Short Cuts To Japan” (Black Box Kino im Filmmuseumudon, Düsseldorf, Germany)


Osaka Knowledge capital presents World OMOSIROI Award 3rd


“Reykjavik Visiual Music Punto y Raya Festival”in Iceland, Live Cinema competition, 1st prize


Entertainment section, Asia Degital Art Award


Commercial Film section, Asia Pacic Advertising Festival Bronz


New York One club, New York one show Shilver


Joshi Art Univercity, Museum storing prize

The Usaginingen duo won the Live Cinema Cometition at the Reykjavík Visual Music Punto y Raya Festival in Iceland in January 2014. The live show Usaginingen performed, brought a perfect harmony between originality, freshness and imagination. The show was interpreted in a way that involves the viewer in a different atmosphere. The Usaginingen performance was very different from the other shows presented and brought a fresh air of innovation and creativity to the competition. The show brings to the audience a totally imaginative element. They know how to capture the audience with the delicacy of the melody and images made by their unconventional instruments. Their show takes the electronic music to a new level and leaves us with a new classification of art as artisanal, and carefully performed by artists who know how to communicate to the public their sensitivity and imagination.

Fridrik Steinn - Founder

Reykjavík Center for Visual Music

The usaginingen team invented their own machines seeking to delight and suprise their audience, as people not only can enjoy the performance on the screens, but also feel the light explosions all around them, and witness the performers’ movements on stage.

Nöel Palazzo - Director


PUNTO y RAYA festival

I enjoyed the inventive playfulness at work in Usaginingen’s audio-visual performance at Reykjavik Visual Music – Punto y Raya Festival 2014. Being able to see the performers create sound and image through their mixed-media machinations, and at the same time to see and hear the result forming before your eyes and ears: utterly delightful!

Max Hattler - Moving image artist

Max Hattler



山形県 最上町立大堀小学校

妙な名前だなと思って初めて見た彼らのステージに、度肝を抜かれた。 木片を集めて作るオリジナルの映像キットと音楽マシンを見るだけでも圧巻だが、それらを駆使しながら作られる独特な世界はユーモアとアイデアに溢れ、年齢・性別・国籍問わず楽しめる不思議。映画が生まれた頃の作品のようでもあり、最先端の映像表現でもあって。実は全てが、ウサギ頭のニンゲンが住む世界のおとぎ話なのかもしれない。 いずれにせよ、人の手が生み出すあったかさが存在するものこそ愛されるのだと、そう教えてくれているようだ。






仕掛け絵本のページをめくる時のような小さな驚きの連続で、目の前で繰り広げられるキラキラした世界は童心に帰らせてくれる。そして生ならではの臨場感。今回はそこに、オルゴールの生の音色に反応する、SHIBAKIが刻む音色とTA-COの作り出す映像。即興から生まれた世界観は六甲でしか体感できない貴重なライブは2日間いずれも超満員。 2014年のYCCで初めてライブを拝見したのだが、一目惚れで今回の六甲にお誘いした。同じように彼らのパフォーマンスに魅せられている人は多いはず。いつも言葉で表現するのが難しくて、観たことのない人には、とりあえずライブを観て!と言ってしまう。



始まる前、ステージ上の不思議な楽器や器具に、みんな興味津々でした。 その場で創り出されていく映像と音楽の不思議な世界の中で、鳥が何かを運んでいる映 像を見て「帽子かなぁ」「家よ!」、水玉模様に「カエルだ!」「花火みたい」等と子ど も同士で会話を楽しむ姿が見られ、ウサギニンゲンさんの世界に、子どもも大人もどん どん引き込まれていきました。 “小さいころの体験からのアート”ということで、遊びへの興味や関心を持つことと体験の大切さを感じました。また機会あれば、ぜひ見たいです。 これからも世界を舞台に、お二人の感性で、見る人たちをハッピーにしてくださいね。







What we do??

We mainly work for live performance, create works and enjoy orgainc life in beautiful island Teshima in the Seto Inland Sea. Please check each activities.

Performance / Workshop / Exhibition

Teshima usaginingen theater

Theater park

usagi House (Airbnb)

Other works