Usaginingen is an audio-visual performance duo. Their instruments are all handmade by Usaginingen members. Their unique style of performance quickly gained a strong reputation. In 2014, they won the Live Cinema competition at Reykjavik Visual-Music Festival in Iceland. In 2017 they awarded World OMOSIROI Award 3rd in Osaka. Usaginingen has been invited to perform in 54 cities, across 21 countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, UK,,, (as of April 2017). They have performed live at a variety of international festivals for music, art and film, as well as at educational institutions to help inspire young creators. After six years of living in Berlin, they are now based on Teshima island, Japan and opened their own theater.


We were awarded the prize for World OMOSIROI Award 3rd by Osaka Knowledge Capital.

We began the theater called Teshima Usaginingen Theater on Teshima island on the 23rd of April 2016.

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We appeared in the website of Goethe-Institut Japan.

We won the award in the Live Cinema competition of Reykjavik Visual MusicPUNTOyRAYA Festival 2014.